Adjustable LCD/KB Arm (Desk Top Mount)

Sallas LCD/KB holder is designed to support both LCD panel and keyboard. The keyboard holders allows to hold any sized keyboard and to be mounted with a minimum space yet still offers side-to-side, up-and-down, wave and swivel mobility. Patented counter force balanced support arm provides personalizing usage for a most smooth and effortless adjustment – without the need to touch any knob or levers.
  • Knob-less adjustable arm adjustment
    1. Vertical adjustment: 90°.
    2. Arm rotation 360°.
  • Extended arm rotation 360°.
  • LCD adjustment:
    1. side-to-side rotation: 180°.
    2. tilt adjustment 87° up or 25° down from vertical plane.
  • 3. 90° LCD portrait/landscape adjustment.
  • Keyboard adjustment:
    1. side-to-side rotation: 180°.
    2. tilt adjustment.
    3. side to side waving adjustment.
    4. keyboard extended position adjustment.
  • Cables can be well organized in arm housing.

Range Of Motion :

90° portrait landscape
Arm height adjustment
Exchangeable for right or left hand use
Extended arm cabling
Keyboard and mouse tray waving
Keyboard forth and back adjustment
Keyboard tilt angle adjustment
LCD KB swivel
LCD side to side swing
LCD tilt angle adjustment
Mouse tray forth and back adjustment.
Mouse tray swivel
Mouse tray tilt angle adjustment

Configure Options

Pivot head

VESA plate

Keyboard Holder

Adjustble Arm

Desk Top Mount


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