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Industrial Solutions Provider of LCD monitor mounts, mobile carts, keyboard arms, trays and office organizers.

Sallas LCD Monitor Mounts & Arms-01
Sallas LCD Monitor Mounts & Arms

Comfortable & Efficient

Improving Human Work Environment

Sallas LCD arms and VESA mounts are customizable with a wide range of optional components to get the best from any work environment. We build our single monitor wall mounts, dual monitor desk mounts and monitor stands to match the needs of your workspace.

Our ergonomic designs for factory, industrial and healthcare installations promote physical well-being. Easy height adjustment and efficient cable management keeps the work area tidy and the mind clear.

3D Product Files
for Your Designs

If you are an industrial or commercial customer and need to incorporate sallas products into your solution designs, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss providing 3D product design files so you can build your solutions using Sallas products.

Product FAQ

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If you have any questions about our products, please check our regularly updated FAQ page for answers or contact us if your question is not covered there.

More Work, Less Stress

Mobile carts, monitor mounts & office organizers enhance productivity

In today’s fast paced digital working environments, health and productivity depend on comfortable work spaces, user-friendly and easily managed computer equipment. Our product range increases worker productivity and boosts efficiency without adding stress.

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Discover how Sallas Monitor Solutions help semiconductor cleanrooms achieve SEMI S8 compliance, enhancing worker safety, comfort, and productivity. Explore our range of ergonomic monitor mounts designed to minimize MSDs and

Streamlining Warehouses with Mobile Computer Carts

Industrial computer cart in a chip manufacturing facility to provide mobility solutions

The Industrial Computer Cart Transforming Work in Production Environments

The Health Benefits of Using LCD Monitor Mounts

The Health Benefits of Using LCD Monitor Mounts