Easily adjustable ergonomic keyboard
trays with customizable options

Keyboard Trays
& Arms

Our ergonomic keyboard trays and arms are a key component of our modular and customizable solutions for mobile computing in commerical, industrial and medical workplaces. Easily adjustable keyboard trays and arms make mobile computing easier and reduce risk of workplace injury. 

Thinking Beyond Desk Top Keyboard Trays

Our Innovative keyboard trays & arms feature a comprehensive range of floor, wall, desk, and counter mounting options

Are you frustrated by the limitations of standard desk top and under desk keyboard trays? Our designs go far beyond awkward, hard to install standard desk top mounting. and offer 360 degree freedom with multiple mounting options. 

Discover our flexible stand-alone pole mount and wall mount options for keyboard stands and arms. Vertical, horizontal, and under-counter articulated flexible keyboard arms open up new possibillities for workplace comfort and convenience. 

Customizable Modular Solutions

As part of our modular system, our keyboard trays & arms can be customized for any possible requirement

Because our keyboard trays and arms are part of our modular systems, building your own perfect customized package from Sallas components is a breeze. No matter what your commercial, industrial, or medical business needs, we can find you the best solution.

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3D Product Files
for Your Designs

If you are an industrial or commercial customer and need to incorporate sallas products into your solution designs, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss providing 3D product design files so you can build your solutions using Sallas products.

Product FAQ

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Taiwan Quality Manufacturing

Modular, Ergonomic & Durable Mobile Carts and LCD Monitor Mounts

Sallas products are manufactured at our modern facility in Taiwan with excellent quality control and production systems. We ship globally to meet the needs of our customers worldwide. Contact us to discover how our products can enhance your business operations.