Adjustable folding arm tablet holder (Pole Mount)

This sturdy metal arm form a highly rigid structure to sustain various tablets and smart phones with arm reach up to 800mm. For better working posture and view. Adjustable foldable tablet holder with tablet clamp fits for most tablet PCs, pads or smart phones etc. This adjustable foldable holder suitable for being installed on desktop, partitions, round pole etc. It’s an ideal tablet desktop mount great for home office and business occasion. Highly flexible long foldable arm with 360 degree rotation & multi-angle adjusting, it provides an ideal long arm reach for holding tablets to improve productive on work tasks. Ergonomic design tablet computer holder with rubber padding on bracket holder for protecting Pad, tablet PC or smart phone etc.
  • Fit for tablet PC size from 4″ to 11″.
  • Counter force balanced adjustable foldable arm.
  • Arm can be free retracted and extended from minimum 210mm to maximum 800mm.
  • Arm side to side rotation 360°.
  • Tablet clamp tilt up and down 180°.
  • Tablet clamp horizontal swivel 180°.
  • Tablet clamp universal ball joint free rotation.
  • Knob adjustable arm loading capacity.

Range Of Motion :

180° horizontal swivel
Arm horizontal rotation 360°
Foldable arm retracted and extended
Universal ball joint landscape portrait rotate
Up 90° Down 90° tilt adjustment

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Pole Mount


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