Single Swing Tablet/Laptop Holder (Track Mount)

The track mount adjustable holders are suitable for holding laptop PC or tablet PC. The holder offers side-to-side and tilt angle adjustments.
  • Wide range of different holders are flexible for holding different sizes of devices.
  • Top surface are all covered with soft pad to protect devices.
  • Arm housing for organizing cable.
  • Durable aluminum alloy track for steady use.

Range Of Motion :

Tablet PC clamp with handle for easy adjustment
Tablet PC clamp tilt range up 85° and Down 25°
Tablet PC clamp swivel range 360°
Platform tilt adjustment on #21-14 pivot head
Mouse tray tilt angle adjustment
Mouse tray side to side movement
Laptop holder tilt adjustment on #21-01H pivot head
Laptop holder side to side rotate
Height adjustment
Fold up platform on #21-14 pivot head
Extended arm side to side rotate
Adjustment for wide range of laptop sizes

Configure Options

Pivot head

NB/Tablet Holder

Adjustble Arm

Track Mount


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