Slim Arm Adjustable Tablet/Laptop Holder (Pole Mount)

The slim arm adjustable holders are designed for supporting tablet PC or laptop computers. The arm offers side-to-side, up-and-down and tilt mobility adjustments. Counter force balanced support arm provides personalizing usage for a most smooth and effortless adjustment – without the need to touch any knob or levers.
  • Wide range of holders gives flexible selections for mounting solutions.
  • Top surface covered with self-adhesive soft pad to protect devices.
  • Lock-less adjustable arm with wide range of motion:
    1. Height adjustment: 50° up and 40° down.
    2. Arm rotation 180°.
  • Holder mobility:
    1. side-to-side rotation: 360°.
    2. Spring assisted tilt adjustment.
  • Plastic clip for cabling.

Range Of Motion :

Configure Options

Pivot head

NB/Tablet Holder

Adjustble Arm

Pole Mount


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