How to Choose an LCD Monitor Mount-01

How to Choose an LCD Monitor Mount

When choosing an LCD monitor mount for your business, you should first consider the following three key factors to ensure that you select the perfect monitor mount for your application:

  1. Compatibility
  2. Adjustability
  3. Durability


Check the VESA pattern and weight capacity of the mount to ensure it will be compatible with the size and weight of your monitor. Angle and position adjustable mounts enable you to find the most comfortable viewing angle for your employees and clients. High-quality materials and sturdy construction give you a durable mount that will last a long time.

For ease of installation and use, there are three additional features you should be thinking about when you come to selecting an LCD monitor mount for business purposes:

  1. Cable Management
  2. Ease of Installation
  3. Flexibility


Cable management features keep your cables organized and reduce clutter. You also want a mount that is easy to install, for a quick set up that gets people working quickly. Consider a mount that can be used for multiple monitors, this will help you save money in the future if you want to expand.

All of the LCD monitor mounts from Sallas are fully customizable through our modular components system so that you can design the perfect solution for your business. Please ask us to find out more about our customization options.