LCD Swing Arm (Wall Mount)

This LCD swing arm is designed to be small in size, lightweight, of high quality appearance and competitively priced. The design incorporates display tilt and rotation adjustment. Ruggedly constructed from light weight aluminum alloy arm parts with quality surface coating and provision for internal housing of monitor cabling.
  • 180° arm side to side rotation and 180° display side to side rotation.
  • 90° portrait/landscape pivot oration.
  • Counter force balanced monitor tilt 87° up or 25° down from vertical plane.
  • Loading capacity max. 11kgs (24 lbs).
  • Conform to the VESA 75mm(standard) or 100mm(optional).
  • OEM mounts display bracket can be manufactured to meet your specific requirement.

Range Of Motion :

90° portrait landscape
Up 87° Down 25° monitor tilt adjustment
180° arm rotation
180° monitor rotation
Arm house for cabling

Configure Options

Pivot head

VESA plate

Extension/Swing Arm 1

Wall Mount

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