LCD Free Stands (w/ telescopic pole)

Sallas – LCD free stand allows flat panel monitors to be mounted on a working surface, such a desk top or machine etc. yet still offers side-to-side, up-and-down and pivot mobility. Patented counter-force balance monitor tilt angle adjustment and height adjustment provides a best view position for personalizing usage.
  • Durable steel construction and hardened metal frame support a flat panel monitor weight up to 10kgs (22 lbs).
  • Range of motion:
    1. Effortless vertical adjustment from min. 315mm(12 3/8″) to 415mm(16 3/8″).
    2. Side-to-side rotation 90°.
    3. Counter force balanced monitor tilt 87° up or 25° down from vertical plane.
    4. Portrait/landscape pivot 90°.
  • Conform to the VESA 75mm hole pattern, VESA 100mm adapter is optional.
  • Innovative cable clips for managing cables.
  • OEM display mounting parts can be manufactured to meet your specific requirement.
  • Various mounting brackets, C clamp and grommet mount are available for different working circumstance.

Range Of Motion :

90° potrait landscape
90° to side rotation
Series monitor height adjustment 100mm
Up 87° Down 25° monitor tilt adjustment

Configure Options

Pivot head

VESA plate

Free Stand


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